Travel SEO

Have you launched your travel site, but the visitor numbers are disappointing?  Or maybe your web site has been up for a while and you need to get more converting visitors. Travel SEO is no different from any other search optimisation and Google recommends SEO for all websites to help them understand the information on the site. Travel SEO – Images Really Help I have worked with many travel websites since 2006 and the following are some of the issues I find, [...]

Links to Disavow and Remove after Warning in Google Webmaster Tools

Google has been sending out hundreds of thousands of messages in webmaster tools to website owners.  Most of these are for spam and don’t concern me here, however a large proportion of the messages have been sent to companies that have over optimized anchor text, bought links, or just added too many spam links to their backlink profile.  Since last April link building is not as easy. This guide will let you know which links you have to get rid [...]

Google SEO

How to Write Title Tags and Descriptions that Google will Love

If all the elements that make up a web page are listed we would see document title tags at the top of the list in importance.  In some ways it is fairly obvious why it is this way, title tags are the clickable link that appears in Google’s search results.  Google, who always want to show the most relevant results, don’t want a list of results that are not appealing or relevant to searchers. Therefore it is important that [...]

Google Penguin

Google Penguin Update

Its been more than a year since the last Google Penguin update – Google really knows how to merciless punish webmasters. During 2013 there was lots of talk emanating from Google on how this was designed to stop website owners from manipulating their algorithm, but how they could clean up and get back to normal trading.   Through 2014, until very recently, Google has been quite silent. During the last month while we were coming up to the anniversary of the [...]

Easy Link Building is Dead

Well almost and pretty much for most websites.  During the last few years I have seen websites jump to the top of Google for their main keywords using spam link building.  Spam links are links like forum signatures, forum profiles, follow blogs, profiles on sites where profiles are indexed, article directories and blog networks.  There are services where they will build these links hundreds at a time for very low fees – many have been tempted and are now suffering. Now [...]