Why Local SEO is Crucial for New Businesses Wesites

SEO is changing. It changes every year. Local SEO is one of the most important aspects of SEO and according to the experts, local SEO is the future of the SEO and one of the most important under looked areas for small businesses. Let’s find out why local SEO is considered the future of SEO. What is local SEO? Local SEO is a type of local online marketing that helps businesses to promote services to local customers in a specific geographic location. For instance, [...]

seo training or social media training

Social Media Training or SEO Training – Which is More Important?

The importance of business-orientated social media training cannot be understated; teaching your employees about social media is crucial for companies and businesses of all sizes. Social media has grown to a point where over 80% of businesses now have some form of presence on at least one platform, which means that proper training is key. SEO (search engine optimisation) training is also very important, because a properly optimized website dictates where it ranks in search engines and helps potential clients [...]

How Long Does SEO Take?

How Long Does It Take for SEO to Start Working?

Almost everyone who has ever done any serious search engine optimization in any capacity, either as an employee of a single company, an agency pro working for a number of clients, or a self-SEO-ing webmaster; has found themselves in a situation where someone or they themselves are asking for far too much. A company whose management has been making unwise moves for a couple of years and whose sales are dropping catastrophically come to an SEO agency and they think [...]

A Basic SEO Checklist for New Websites

It hurts when you do not receive any traffic to your new website. I have been there. I can relate. It is indeed discouraging when you spend weeks creating a new website for your business, a business that you have been dreaming of for months (or maybe longer). Domain name, hosting, technical stuff, installation, design, tweaking, CSS, HTML, content writing, designing, getting work done from others, budgeting, meeting deadlines, and so on. Creating a new website is time-consuming. When you do not see [...]