Social Media Training or SEO Training – Which is More Important?

Social Media Training or SEO Training – Which is More Important?

The importance of business-orientated social media training cannot be understated; teaching your employees about social media is crucial for companies and businesses of all sizes. Social media has grown to a point where over 80% of businesses now have some form of presence on at least one platform, which means that proper training is key.

SEO (search engine optimisation) training is also very important, because a properly optimized website dictates where it ranks in search engines and helps potential clients or customers find you instead of a competitor. As the world wide web gets more competitive, effective SEO training is crucial. Successfully building your online presence takes a lot of hard work; you must have an understanding of how SEO works and then develop an efficient strategy for your company.

Which of the two is more important, though? It is hard to say. Social media training reduces the risk of an employee damaging your business or brand by posting the wrong thing, whereas SEO training drives conversion rates and exposes you to your target market.

seo training or social media training

Social Media Training Has Significant Benefits

Customer Relationship Building

Social media is a brilliant tool for building relationships with your customers and target audience. If you look at any major company’s Facebook page, you will see them casually chatting to customers on posts, responding to customer help queries and complaints and generally building a rapport with each individual.

Simply put, they are being human. Social media is quite possibly the best way for any company to portray its voice and convey messages and build good customer relations; it is not a one-way street like an email newsletter or press release.

Improving Brand Recognition

There’s nothing worse than everyone who has administrative access to your company or brand’s social media page posting different things or representing different ideas. It is important that all employees who have access to your page tow the same line and publish posts which mirror your company’s core values. Not only does this look professional, but it helps boost brand recognition.

From the very beginning, it is important that you decide on the tone and theme of your company’s page and stick with it, which better enables your customers and clients to recognize and interact with you.

Avoiding PR Disasters

As beneficial as social media is, it can be a complete disaster if employees accidentally say the wrong thing – it has happened before and will happen again. Learning how social media works helps your company avoid a social media incident which can harm your company’s image.

Distributing social media guides to employees who have access to your pages is a great way to ensure they adopt the right voice and say the right things on your company’s page.

Despite your best efforts, it is highly likely that a social media incident will occur at some point. Proper social media training can help teach your employees what to do and what not to do when everything goes south.

Generate Clicks & Impressions

Statistically, employees who have had social media training yield almost three times more social impressions than an untrained employee. Additionally, a trained employee will generate more clicks. From a marketing perspective, this is the most important point because clicks cost money.

Employees trained in social media are reported to generate double the number of clicks than their untrained colleagues. Why? Because somebody with social media training knows how to generate engaging content which is relevant and relatable to your target market. Well written posts with useful and interesting content are more attractive to consumers.

SEO Training is Important, Too

Traditional marketing practices are no longer the most useful way to drive traffic to your website and increase sales, because consumers are increasingly more tech-savvy and use their initiative to find products themselves.

This is where search engine optimisation comes in. We have already mentioned what it is, but why is it important?

It is Relevant and Effective

SEO strategies are simple and low-cost promotion techniques in comparison to traditional marketing methods. Having employees trained in SEO means that you can consistently produce effective marketing campaigns online without having to spend big amounts of money on them.

Some companies outsource their SEO work, but it makes so much more sense to have employees in-house who are trained in SEO too.

It Reaches Your Target Market

If there are five different websites selling discount yoga pants and you are one of them, if you have good and effective content on your website, people searching for “discount yoga pants” in Google will see your website first.

This sets you ahead of the competition, increases conversion rates and drive sales by putting your brand in front of your target market. Most people click on the top five search engine results and effective SEO content will ensure that yours is up there.

SEO is Taking Over

SEO is a hot topic within marketing and is only increasing in relevance and utility day by day, as more and more people and more and more companies rely on the internet and social media platforms.

The ever-increasing number of people and businesses relying on the internet means there is a constant scope for using SEO tactics to promote your company’s website or online presence.

Which is Better?

There is no definitive answer here; both social media and SEO training have their benefits. An ideal solution is to have employees trained in both of these areas, but we know this is not always a practical or viable solution.

Social media training along with a social media policy and strategic plan helps you engage with your audience and build up a brand name and identity, whereas SEO training enables your employees to consistently produce high-quality content which better exposes you to your target market and drives conversion rates.

Whilst you can outsource your SEO work, it is always best to have a dedicated in-house team of social media professionals to give your company or brand the very best online presence.

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