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If you have found this page it is likely you are looking for somewhere to submit a guest post to. We both know that this helps both of us if done right, so I have some guidelines:

The post must be longer than 800 words

No exact match anchor text – this will get my site banned over time from Google and too much of it will kill your own site.

I am interested in any digital marketing topics, SEO, Adwords, reputation management, etc.

All posts are checked using copyscape – so don’t waste my time or your own sending me a copy you are going to or have published elsewhere. I run the site through copyscape once a month and will no index and remove duplicates.

Make the posts funny, helpful, or informative – they must have a point.

I will let you know when the post is published and I expect you to add it to your social media channels and reply to any comments.

Any posts that gain 100’s of spam links will again be no indexed and deleted.

I have been at this for a while and likely tried every trick in the book over the years, just so you know we both know what is going on.

I don’t mind signatures at the end of the post – but would rather they did not contain links other than brand or naked URL to your own site or social profile – add you link in the body.

All that said I am happy to publish posts and promote them in my own social channels.

I run a few websites and I am always interested in guest posting elsewhere.

Happy writing.

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